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Helping you to reduce problems and ensure stable production

Products and Services

Preventive maintenance activities and support

We have launched a maintenance support program as part of ongoing efforts to provide our customers with technical support and prevent machine breakdowns and other problems. We have built a strong support structure for providing instruction in conducting operation checks and machine inspections. We hope that you will use this program to achieve the stable production of even higher quality containers.  


Products and Services

Training in preventive maintenance

By getting senior management and plant managers to understand the importance of machine maintenance as a preventive measure, and machine operators to change the way they work from repair-oriented to maintenance-oriented, this program can help you to make huge reductions in the amount of time and energy wasted on sourcing parts and making repairs during downtime after breakdowns, plus huge reductions in related costs.

We are confident that the end result will be more efficient plant operation.


Preventive maintenance training inquiries

If you have any questions about preventive maintenance training , please fill out the form below and send it to us.

A representative will contact you at the earliest opportunity.

Injection stretch blow molding machine lineup

Our molding machines offer tremendous benefits tailored to the containers you produce and your business goals.

Total support for container production

Total support from the planning and idea stage to production and maintenance