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Products and Services

We have continued to pursue the potential for plastic containers using our unique injection stretch-blow molding technology.

Products and Services

Total support for container production

We provide our customers with total support for container production from the planning and idea stage to production and maintenance. Whether you want to make a particular container, design a container  to best show off contents, leverage your containers to boost brand image, or whatever, we are eager to help. Using our extensive container development experience and flexible approach, we can provide support not only to design high value-added containers and manufacture molds that ensure stable production, but also to improve the overall quality of your molded products. We will work with you to grow your container business by helping with competitive container development, factory productivity improvement, and all other aspects of container production.

  • 01: We share information on market trends, container standards, and business ideas, etc., and address all your various concerns regarding container production.
  • 02: We carry out function and container design for container commercialization, including preform design geared to productivity.
  • 03: We carry out mold design based on our expert knowledge of injection stretch blow molding to deliver molds that improve product quality and maximize productivity.
  • 04: Our delivery inspection is designed to ensure that your containers are produced as intended. We deliver complete container production systems, not simply molding machines and molds.
  • 05: We help you to grow your container business through a global network that provides production maintenance support and operational improvements after production launch.

Products and Services

Container Business Consulting

Comprehensive support for everything from molding machine and auxiliary equipment deployment to container production factory design

From elementary technical questions to in-plant turnkey molding solutions, we can leverage the resources of both our Japanese and overseas networks to provide you with a wide range of useful information.

We provide total support to improve your productivity, including selecting auxiliary equipment that maximizes molding machine capabilities and formulating maintenance plans to ensure long-term stable production.

You can entrust us with everything to do with plastic containers and their manufacture. Our friendly professional staff will respond courteously to all your concerns and questions.


Products and Services

Container design – engineering and styling

Leveraging a professional perspective and rich experience to design container that meet all needs

We listen to your requirements and wishes, and leverage our abundant collection of samples to fine-tune your ideas for containers. We are experts in adding value in terms of both design and function.

Easy pouring, ultra lightweight, vacuum deformation prevention — whatever you’re wanting, we can help you with ideas for both design and functionality. Drawing on a half-century of extensive experience and data, Aoki’s expert product designers can deliver your design in the shortest time, whether the container is just a standard design or one of the latest shapes.

We can quickly provide you with the best advice for your desired molded product based on our proprietary technical data.


Products and Services

Mold development and manufacture

Flexibly supporting everything from ultra-small to large containers

With 20,000 molds already developed, we remain focused on container quality as we continue to develop molds based on our extensive experience and the latest technologies. We have years of experience developing a diverse range of containers and manufacturing molds for containers from a minimum of 2 mL to a maximum of 90 L.

We have also amassed a wide range of technical data from those years. We are committed to 100% Japanese production using our team of experienced engineers, and we deliver products that satisfy in all regards - quality, delivery and price.

We make it our top priority to ensure that you have a stable production environment that enables you to deliver your products on time according to your production schedules. We also actively strive to develop environmentally friendly molds with a focus on protecting the environment through energy efficiencies and other measures at every stage of production.


Products and Services

Technical services and support

Timely service delivered through our Japanese and international networks

We have developed a fine reputation for the quality of our before and after sales service through which we provide our customers with technical information on container design, machine specifications, plant equipment and other areas.

With operations centered on head office, we support customers who have purchased Aoki products through our worldwide network of subsidiaries, representative offices and agencies. In addition to technical advice, we provide customers with prompt support for their production control issues.

Injection stretch blow molding machine lineup

Our molding machines offer tremendous benefits tailored to the containers you produce and your business goals.

Preventive maintenance activities and support

Maintenance support program for preventing machine breakdowns and other problems

Inquiries about molding machines and container development

Please feel free to contact us if you are considering deploying molding machines or producing containers yourself.