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Company Information

Company Information

Shaping container culture

Plastic containers come with a range of excellent characteristics, and Aoki is pursuing even greater possibilities for them. By continually improving injection stretch-blow molding technologies that utilize the functionality of plastic materials, we hope to make the lives of people throughout the world even more convenient and comfortable than they are now. We are molding cultures though our container development activities by researching easier-to-use and more convenient container shapes, developing high-performance containers that utilize the characteristics of the molding materials, and providing new ideas for using plastic containers.

Company Information

Benefiting the Earth

Plastic container possibilities and needs are constantly expanding, but at the same time, we cannot afford to ignore demands for conserving energy and protecting the global environmental.

To meet these conflicting demands, we are committed to further advancing single-stage molding using Direct Heatcon as our core technology. This extremely energy-efficient system minimizes the environmental impact of container molding and continues to bring additional benefits to the planet.

Our goal is to benefit the Earth, and we will continue to do our utmost to contribute not only to humanity, but also to the entire planet.


Company information

Message from the President

“Benefiting the Earth” is our company’s maxim. These words represent our constant commitment to minimizing wastage of limited resources and energy by developing molding technologies for the stable production of plastic containers with minimum expenditure of time and energy.

We are conscious of our dependence on the Earth and are committed to helping to protect the natural environment and advance international culture related to the use of plastic containers. This, together with our company creed, embodies the concept behind our founding and positioning as a technical laboratory.

To help create a prosperous future (culture) in which plastic containers serve as a familiar and convenient tool for all people, Aoki has since its founding made it its mission to develop technologies that can reduce impacts on the global environment.

We are committed to continuing to perform this role and to working sincerely as one team from a global perspective to provide unique and outstanding products and technologies that earn the trust of our customers throughout the world.

Manato Moriizumi, President


Company information

Company information

Company name Aoki Technical Laboratory, Inc.
Capital JPY22,000,000
Established March 1976
Representatives Shigeto Aoki, Chairman
Manato Moriizumi, President 
Head office

4963-3 Minamijo, Sakaki-machi, Hanishina-gun, Nagano-ken 389-0603, Japan

Tel: +81-268-82-3015 (main)
Tel: +81-268-82-0111 (Sales)

Business activities Planning, development, manufacture, and sale of injection stretch blow molding machines, molds, auxiliary equipment, and parts for the production of PET bottles and other plastic containers



Company Information

Company Creed

With integrity and Aoki individuality,

and not just in a meaningless pursuit of scale,

we commit ourselves to the advancement of international culture and to the protection of our natural environment.