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Our philosophy

What we want to achieve through container molding

Our philosophy

Benefiting the Earth

The future of containers — going beyond current limitations to create new value
Containers are expected to deliver unimaginable possibilities that cannot be measured by conventional wisdom or market value. We at Aoki Technical Laboratory have long been expanding the possibilities of containers and creating new value with unique ideas that go beyond existing conventional wisdom and common perceptions regarding technological limitations. We will continue to take on new challenges aimed at further benefiting the Earth.

Our philosophy

Benefiting the Earth,
the core of our management philosophy

Plastics have long been an integral and familiar part of our daily lives, performing all sorts of functions that boost convenience and comfort. Can we really do without them?

We have pledged to contribute to the advancement of international culture and protection of our natural environment through plastic containers, and it is through our involvement in the industry that we are uniquely qualified to make a difference. We believe that it is our social responsibility to enable containers to be produced with minimum expenditure of time and energy.

We are committed to doing whatever we can in the world of plastics to demonstrate and justify our value.


Photo: Katashi Aoki

Our philosophy

Always question, and keep thinking

Aoki Technical Laboratory’s technology has evolved by questioning conventional wisdom, common perceptions, and what everyone thinks is the best method at a particular point in time.

No matter how good the technology is, even if you think it's the best, you need to avoid falling in love with it. It is only by constantly questioning things as they are that new ideas and technologies that surpass the existing ones are born, leading to new inventions.

Our philosophy

Why our company name includes the word “laboratory"

Given that we are a manufacturer, why do we use the word “laboratory” in our company name? The reason is that ever since our founding, R&D has been at the core of our corporate philosophy.

We see ourselves as a laboratory because we constantly think about what is lacking today and how things should be done in the future, and single-mindedly pursue the development of original technology.


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