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CSR Initiatives

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Aoki’s CSR initiatives

Since our founding, we have always focused on enabling containers to be produced with minimum expenditure of time and energy and providing our customers with the most efficient waste-free molding systems available. We are participating actively in global initiatives to reduce the environmental impacts of human activity, and are working for the creation of a recycling-oriented society that lives in harmony with the natural environment.

With the accelerating pace of international initiatives to counter global warming, this is becoming a matter for all humanity, while initiatives to conserve our natural resources and save energy are also becoming more and more important from the perspective of molding containers. As a leader in the container molding industry, we remain committed to addressing these issues.

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We are always on the lookout for further possibilities for plastic containers. By continually improving molding technologies that utilize the characteristics of plastic materials, we hope to make the lives of people throughout the world more convenient and comfortable.

We are molding cultures though our container development activities by researching easier-to-use and more convenient container shapes, developing high-performance containers that utilize the characteristics of the molding materials, and coming up with new ideas for using plastic containers.


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For what the future holds

We aim to live by our company creed with integrity and individuality. We seek to be ready at all times to deal with whatever the future holds.


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Quality Policy

We work in good faith
to leverage superior original technology
to offer trusted quality
that satisfies our customers.