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February 13 2024

Case study: Molding both narrow neck and wide mouth containers on the same machine

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Achieving higher production while maintaining usability and versatility

Company A (Philippines) wanted to develop a wide range of food containers, from narrow neck to wide mouth. It purchased two molds — 500 mL SQUARE JUICE BOTTLE and 1.5 L GRIP BOTTLE — but needed to change its thinking regarding selection of the right machine to produce these two products. For the juice bottles, the AL-500LL-60S could mold 6 cavities, which is one more than the AL-500LL-50S and would meet the customer's desired production volume. For the wide mouth 1.5 L GRIP BOTTLE, it could mold 2 cavities (option). If it also chose high-speed mold release technology, production volume would approach that of the higher-end 350 class model, enabling downsizing from the price perspective. After considering it from various angles, the customer decided on the AL-500LL-60S for the advantage it offered of enabling production of both narrow neck and wide mouth products.