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Benefiting the Earth

Containers, spawned by human ingenuity, delivering more and more value as they evolve

Supporting the evolution of containers

Continuous evolution based on our unique molding method

Expanding the possibilities of molding

Development capabilities to expand container possibilities

Producing containers with the minimum expenditure of time and energy — the challenge continues.

Maximizing productivity

Enriching our lives with molding technology that gives shape to myriad ideas

Molding ideas


Molding technologies


Molding containers from material at highest speed worldwide

High-speed mold release technology boosts productivity dramatically by minimizing injection and cooling time.

Direct Heatcon

Aoki’s key technology Single stage process using a three-station machine that enables quick stretch-blow molding while the preform is still at its optimum temperature profile

Ever-evolving technology

We have enabled the development of containers that go beyond the conventional concept of container molding. Our products support all sorts of materials and applications, opening up new horizons for containers.


Sales Offices


Benefiting the Earth

Inquiries about molding machine/container development

Please feel free to contact us if you are considering deploying molding machines or producing containers yourself.