Container business is
about more than
just molding machine
specs and price.

Aoki's cost concept

Ever since Aoki Technical Laboratory was founded, we have provided the world with molding machines and molds that enable stable, planned production of high quality containers over the long term with minimum costs.
Aoki's manufacturing concept is to create maximum cost benefits by eliminating or reducing as much as possible all the wasted time and energy used in the production of plastic containers. We believe that this will help contribute to the advancement of international culture and to the protection of our natural environment. We see the real costs of production in terms of time and energy.

Initial investment just one of the costs

When considering production costs, it is not enough to determine the merits of a particular machine just by calculating production costs per container from hourly production, cycle time, power consumption and material costs.
We have consistently focused on eliminating all unnecessary expenditures of energy and time. We believe that a molding machine needs to deliver both one hour performance (improved container performance) and long term performance (long term planned production and stable molding) to provide maximum cost benefits.

Reducing costs with Aoki's unique value engineering and teamwork

Aoki's high cycle molding technology has continued to evolve through teamwork between sections.

In both our injection stretch-blow molding machine development and customer container development, we focus on reducing production energy and creating containers with maximum added value as our key design concept. We have conceived our own version of Value Engineering (VE) to develop products based on interpreting denominators of generally defined costs in terms of energy and time.
This engineering method aims to improve value through the relationship between function and energy/time, and represents a key development technique for our products and services (injection stretch-blow molding machines, container development, mold manufacture, production technology). We apply this technique to the development of all functions, using it to drive the constant evolution of our technologies.

Producing high added value containers using minimum time and energy is an eternal goal that we pursue as a value shared with all sections involved in molding machine control technologies, container and mold design technologies, and molding technologies. Teamwork between these sections has powered the further evolution of our capabilities, resulting in reductions of up to 20% in cycle time for molding containers of the same shape and size compared with earlier technologies.
If you are looking to further cut your production costs and expand your container production business, we hope that you will consult us. We are confident that we will be able to address your needs with our unique value engineering and teamwork.

Increasing net production time
through proper maintenance

The real costs in container business are time and energy. No matter how low the initial investment cost, your container business will not succeed if your daily production is full of waste, impracticalities and problems.
Aoki machines are designed to provide stable, planned production over the long term, and it is this ability to achieve planned and stable production and to maintain hourly performance over the long run that shows the true value of a machine.
We are implementing initiatives such as training in preventive maintenance that have enabled customers to virtually eliminate unplanned downtime and achieve net production time of over 90%.

An example of the benefits of preventive maintenance activities