PET has high clarity and surface luster, and is used in a wide range of narrow neck and wide mouth applications including water, soft drink, edible oil, food, shampoo, detergent, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
Biaxial orientation delivers uniform wall thickness, improves gas barrier, impact strength, heat resistance and other characteristics, and enables molding of thin-walled containers.
It can be used to mold thin-walled bottles, and because it has excellent recyclability, it is an extremely popular material.



  • 飲料ボトル
    Beverage bottles
  • 飲料ボトル(ハンドル付)
    Beverage bottles (with handles)
  • スパイス容器
    Spice containers
  • ピーナッツバター容器
    Peanut butter containers
  • マウスウォッシュボトル
    Mouthwash bottles
  • マスカラ容器
    Mascara containers
  • 目薬容器
    Eye drop bottles
  • 医薬品容器
    Pharmaceutical containers
  • シャンプーボトル
    Shampoo bottles
  • ローションボトル
    Lotion bottles
  • コロンボトル
    Cologne bottles
  • 洗剤容器
    Detergent bottles
  • 詰め替えボトル
    Refill bottles
  • モーターオイルボトル
    Motor oil bottles