Thin-walled container molding

Thin-walled container molding is used widely for refill containers and containers designed to reduce refuse volume. Off-centering is prone to occur during the stretch-blow phase when molding ultra-thin oval containers, but Aoki's Direct Heatcon-based mold mechanism eliminates off-centering, enabling the molding of containers with walls of even thickness.

Thin-walled container molding


  • 詰め替えボトル
    Refill bottles

Molding technology FAQ


Can materials other than PET be used?

Yes, PP can also be used for molding thin-walled containers. Choice of material grade might be limited depending on required thinness.


What is the minimum achievable thinness?

For PET, containers with a wall thickness of under 0.1mm can be molded.


What kind of containers is thin-walled molding ideal for?

It is used for refill containers, containers designed to reduce refuse volume, and other such applications.