Thick-walled container molding

Aoki has enabled the molding of ultra-thick-walled containers of a quality thought to be almost impossible up to now. The ability to mold thick-walled containers that feel like glass expands the potential for plastic containers.
A single stage, 3-station mechanism enables the molding of thick-walled containers with less energy than other molding methods.

Thick-walled container molding


  • パウダー容器
    Powder containers
  • 化粧クリーム容器
    Cosmetic cream containers
  • 化粧水ボトル
    Cosmetic lotion bottles

Molding technology FAQ


What is the maximum achievable thickness?

Products with a thickness of over 5mm have been molded.


Is it possible to maintain transparency in such thick-walled containers?

Because amorphous resins are used, transparency is maintained, adding to the value of the container.


What precautions should be observed when designing products?

If the molded products are large (more than 100mL), limitations will apply to maximum thickness.