Small container molding

Small containers of approximately 5mL for pharmaceuticals, eye drops, samples, amenities and such like can be molded with greater precision than glass containers.
This molding technology goes one step further as well and enables the molding of containers with an internal neck diameter of as little as 5mm, or variable wall-thickness preforms for container ovalizing, while at the same time accurately heat conditioning the preform for highly precise stretch blowing.

Small container molding


  • ボディローションボトル
    Body lotion bottles
  • ミニチュアリカーボトル
    Miniature liquor bottles
  • エッセンスボトル
    Essence bottles
  • フレーバーボトル
    Flavor bottles
  • 化粧液ボトル
    Cosmetics bottles
  • アメニティボトル
    Hotel amenities bottles

Molding technology FAQ


What kind of applications can small containers be used for?

There are relatively few applications, but they include pharmaceuticals, eye drops, samples, and hotel amenities.


Are there any precautions that should be observed when designing small containers?

Because many are special containers, the functions required of a container need to be clearly specified.


What is the minimum possible capacity of such containers?

Containers with a minimum capacity of 2mL can be molded. Please consult us.