Oval container molding

Oval containers are in use in various applications including shampoo, hand soap, mayonnaise and detergent. They have the advantage of offering a wider label panel to the consumer, are easy to hold, and require less space when packed for shipping.
With the new Aoki ovalizing technology, more heat is retained in the areas of the preform that require stretching, so adjusting wall thickness is much faster than before.

Oval container molding


  • シャンプーボトル
    Shampoo bottles
  • コンディショナーボトル
    Conditioner bottles
  • ローションボトル
    Lotion bottles
  • コロンボトル
    Cologne bottles
  • チョコレート容器
    Chocolate containers
  • ハチミツ容器
    Honey containers

Molding technology FAQ


Can orientation of the cap be specified?

Yes, you can specify the orientation of the cap so that it is always in the same position relative to the body.


What kind of applications can oval containers be used for?

Small oval containers are most often used for applications such as shampoo or cosmetics in which contents are used a little at a time. Medium-sized or large oval containers are usually used for applications that leverage advantages such as storage space economy and easy holding.


What kind of advantages do Aoki molding machines offer regarding oval containers?

Our technology enables a certain degree of uniformity of wall thickness and intentional uneven wall thickness in the horizontal axis. In other words, Aoki machines enable you to add functionality through thickness distribution as well as design.


Can wall thickness be evened out?

It cannot be completely evened out, but a certain degree of uniformity is achievable, and there is no large unevenness.