Off-center container molding

Off-center containers can be used for many different applications. Achieving a uniform wall thickness throughout an off-center product was quite difficult with previous molding methods, but is now possible with the Direct Heatcon technology. It also enables product lightweighting and material cost reductions.
This type of bottle is being used for trigger sprays, spice jars, engine oil containers, juice bottles, and more recently for water bottles.

Off-center container molding


  • 洗剤容器
    Detergent bottles
  • トリガー式スプレーボトル
    Trigger spray bottles
  • エンジン洗浄剤ボトル
    Engine cleaner bottles
  • モーターオイルボトル
    Motor oil bottles

Molding technology FAQ


What kind of applications can off-center containers be used for?

Off-center containers can be used to boost the pourability of motor oil and other viscous products. Because of this characteristic, off-center containers are also used for viscous pharmaceuticals and agricultural chemicals.


What is the approximate maximum off-center ratio?

It depends on the product shape, but up to 7:3 is possible. Please consult with us about higher ratios.