Stable molding of narrow-necked PP containers

Polypropylene is a highly moisture resistant material. One common medical application that utilizes this characteristic is transfusion bottles.
The Aoki shuttle pre-blow system is an original blow system that enables the preform temperature to be maintained with the stretch rods while the bottle is quickly blown, thus preventing any shrinkage from occurring. This enables the stable molding of high quality, high precision containers.

Stable molding of narrow-necked PP containers


  • 医療用輸液ボトル
    Medical use transfusion bottles
  • 栄養補給水ボトル
    Nutrition drink bottles
  • ソースボトル
    Sauce bottles

Molding technology FAQ


Does this process require special molding material?

No, it uses standard materials for injection stretch-blow molding.


What kind of applications can PP containers be used for?

They can be used for suppression of water vapor permeation, and for heat-resistant and chemical-resistant containers etc. PP is also used for containers that need to be easily squeezable. Because it does not use raw material containing BPA (bisphenol A), it is also used for baby bottles and other similar applications.


What kind of original molding technologies have been incorporated to ensure stable molding?

We offer models such as the SBⅢ-250LS-50 that use a pre-blow process, and special purpose screws. In many cases, stable molding with PP can be achieved without using pre-blow, so you should consult us.