Grip containers

These are used for seasonings, oil, foods and various other purposes. At Aoki, we can design appropriate grips after ascertaining customer wishes and considering container size.

Grip containers


  • 多目的容器
    Multipurpose containers
  • モーターオイルボトル(グリップ)
    Motor oil bottles (with grip)
  • 穀物容器
    Grain containers
  • 調味料容器
    Seasoning containers
  • 調理用ソース
    Cooking sauce containers
  • ナッツ容器
    Nut containers

Molding technology FAQ


What depth of grip can be made compared with body diameter?

A depth of about a quarter of body diameter is possible.


Could we ask you to design an easy-to-grasp grip?

Yes, we can design appropriate grips according to container size within a moldable range.