Inconspicuous parting line mold technologies

Aoki's mold technologies enable molding that makes parting lines almost unnoticeable.
This enables cavities to be increased by locating parting lines on the front panel, boosting production by 25-100%.

Inconspicuous parting line mold technologies


  • シャンプーボトル
    Shampoo bottles
  • ハチミツ容器
    Honey containers
  • 浴室浴槽洗剤ボトル
  • 洗剤ボトル(P/L正面)
    Detergent bottles (front panel P/L)
  • 洗剤ボトル(リサイクルPET)
    Detergent bottles (recycled PET)

Molding technology FAQ


Aren't the parting lines conspicuous?

They are as unnoticeable on the front as they are if located on the sides.


Are there any other advantages apart from increase in cavities?

Since the number of containers produced in each shot increases, production can be boosted for much the same amount of energy.


Are molding adjustments more difficult to implement than if the parting line were at the side?

There is basically no difference. Depending on shape, placing the parting line on the sides may be preferable to avoid label surface deformation.