Molding with 100% recycled PET flakes

AOKI Series machines use the flake material from reground and washed PET bottles to directly injection stretch-blow mold new containers.
The mainstream approach to recycling PET used to require pellet material, but with the AOKI Series machines, costs associated with pelletizing the recyclate (transportation, energy, payroll etc.) are now a thing of the past.

Molding with 100% recycled PET flakes


  • 洗剤ボトル(リサイクルPET)
    Detergent bottles (recycled PET)
  • キャップ回収容器(リサイクルPET)
    Cap collection containers (recycled PET)
  • 洗剤ボトル(リサイクルPET)
    Detergent bottles (recycled PET)
  • モーターオイルボトル(リサイクルPET)
    Motor oil bottles (recycled PET)
  • ダストボックス
    Trash bins

Molding technology FAQ


Can standard molding machines be used for molding this material?

No, AOKI Series machines are required to mold 100% recycled PET flakes.


PET resin requires drying. Does 100% recycled PET flakes also require drying?

Yes, drying is required.


Where can 100% recycled PET flakes be purchased?

There are specialist suppliers in each region. Some Aoki customers also manufacture their own PET flakes.