Flange blow neck molding

Flange blow molding eliminates the need for trimming and other secondary manufacturing processes, and can significantly reduce neck weight.
It is suited to the molding of medium and wide mouth necks. It is used for medium mouth oil and water containers, and for wide mouth containers for viscous contents or powders and other solids.

Flange blow neck molding


  • 飲料ボトル(ハンドル付)
    Beverage bottles (with handles)
  • ピーナッツバター容器
    Peanut butter containers
  • マヨネーズ容器
    Mayonnaise containers
  • 菜種油
    Rapeseed oil bottles

Molding technology FAQ


Does flange blow neck molding require trimming and other secondary manufacturing processes?

Trimming carried out in two-stage molding etc. is not required, which also enables elimination of waste.


Is Aoki's Direct Heatcon technology essential to flange blow neck molding?

Aoki's Direct Heatcon technology is the most ideal.