CSR Initiatives

Effective use of natural resources to
improve everyday life with minimum impact
on the environment

Aoki enables molding of containers with the minimum amount of energy. Ever since the company was founded, we have always provided our customers with the most efficient, waste-free molding systems available. We are participating actively
in global initiatives to reduce the environmental impacts of
human activiity, and are working for the creation of a recycling-oriented society that lives in harmony with the natural environment.
With the accelerating pace of international initiatives to counter global warming, this is becoming a matter for all humanity, while initiatives to conserve our natural resources and
save energy are also becoming more and more important from
the perspective of molding containers. As a leading company in the container molding industry, Aoki remains committed to addressing these issues.

Effective use of natural resources to improve everyday life with minimum impact on the environment

Reducing our environmental footprint

We are committed to a number of currently important themes, including effectively utilizing limited natural resources and creating a sustainable society. One of our initiatives is
the development of recycling technologies for used containers.
Useful and safe plastic containers are in use everywhere
around the world, but while the amount of plastics being used
is increasing, our natural resources are limited. This makes
the more effective use of those resources and recycling of
plastic containers all the more important, but the true purpose of recycling is defeated if recycling requires lots of energy.
Energy-hungry recycling technologies are also very difficult to expand globally. That is why being able to mold high quality containers from recycled material with the minimum amount of energy is essential to our future society.
We will continue to do our utmost to develop technologies that help conserve natural resources.

Reducing our environmental footprint

Quality Policy

We are ISO9001-certified. Our stance on quality policy is as follows.