Message from the President

As our company name suggests, we consider ourselves to be
a laboratory, one that since its founding has devoted itself
to the development of technologies specific to the field of
injection stretch-blow molding. We work constantly to eliminate wasteful use of the Earth's limited resources and energy
through molding technologies that enable stable production of
plastic containers with minimum expenditure of energy.
Based on the recognition that we depend on the Earth for our existence, we commit ourselves to the protection of our natural
environment and the advancement of international culture that
makes use of plastic containers.
Our molding machines and molds incorporate Direct Heatcon®, an original single-stage, three-station system that represents the ultimate in energy-saving molding technology.
We firmly believe that we can contribute to prosperity through enabling customers throughout the world to achieve stable
production by using our Direct Heatcon-based products.
We will continue to strive as one to provide products and technologies that earn the trust of customers throughout
the world by virtue of our outstanding original technologies and the sincerity with which we carry out our work.

Shuichi Koshi

Message from the President

Aoki's Production Concept

Creating Packaging Culture
Plastic containers come with a range of excellent characteristics and we are pursuing even greater possibilities for them. By continually improving molding technologies that utilize the functionality of plastic materials, we hope to make the lives of people throughout the world even more convenient and comfortable than they are now. We create packaging culture though container development by researching easier-to-use and more convenient container shapes, developing high-performance containers that utilize the characteristics of the molding materials, and providing new ideas for
using plastic containers.